My first book has been launched

Nuala and Tom Book launchIn June 2015 my first book which I co-wrote with Tom Griffin, called Hidden Mind,  A Journey of Reconnection was launched.  After many months of research, late nights and early mornings we finally made it.  And what a surprise to find not only the expected 100 people at the book launch on 09-Jun-15 but 300 people who all turned up wow.  We are eternally grateful.

 “Hidden Mind A Journey of Reconnection”

This book will bring you on a journey to your own potential
It will give you a real understanding of the Body/ mind connection
It will lead you to a new understanding of the power of the sub-conscious mind and the realisation that we are powerful beyond our wildest dreams.

One Comment:

  1. What a fantastic read Nuala and Tom. This will definitely be a book that I will refer to time after time when working with my clients.

    Very proud of you Nuals – love Rachael

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