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Picture 005Nuala Bent BA; MSc; PhD. Plexus Bio Energy Therapist, Registered Reflexologist and Reiki Master. Nuala is a member of the British Reflexology Association (BRA) and is currently registered with the Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) for her Reflexology.

Nuala has a background in Academic Research. She worked for many years in Research at the University of Manchester and later as Senior Research Fellow (Rehab Medicine) at the University of Leeds.

Nuala has taken early retirement in order to pursue her career in Complimentary Therapies. Her passion is to raise awareness of the need for an integrated model of Healthcare.

Nuala holds a European Diploma in Bio-Energy Therapy and was trained by Michael O’ Doherty of the Plexus Institute of Bio-Energy. Michael has been working in the field of Bio-Energy for over 25 years.  Nuala has worked in the complimentary therapy field since 2003 and qualified as a Bio-Energy Therapist in 2010.

Our bodies are made up of energy and if this energy system becomes imbalanced then the body becomes ill. The first step in the body’s healing process is to get the energy system balanced and flowing again. As a Bio-Energy therapist, Nuala balances the energy system with specially developed techniques which in turn allow the body to heal.

Michael O’Doherty’s Health-Care System represents the integration of a network of powerful and effective healing techniques that work by rebalancing the life energy within the body. This is also achieved by imparting to people the tools of self-empowerment thereby raising their level of consciousness to a new understanding of themselves and the universe around them.

The system has achieved exceptional results in the treatment of a wide range of conditions, often in cases that have proved difficult to treat by conventional means alone for instance, the case of Michael Flatley who recovered from a long term illness and was able to return to his dancing career afterward a series of Bio-energy treatments.

Recently Nuala has co-authored a book with Tom Griffin of www.Hiddenmind.ie which was launched in June 2015. 

“Hidden Mind A Journey to Reconnection”

This book will bring you on a journey to your own potential
It will give you a real understanding of the Body/ mind connection
It will lead you to a new understanding of the power of the sub-conscious mind and the realisation that we are powerful beyond our wildest dreams.

Hidden Mind correct

This book will lead you on a journey back to the essence of yourself. It will explain the secrets of the HiddenMind/Bio-Energy, and Corrective Sound Programme as developed by Tom Griffin. It looks at the mind body connection which has long been forgotten about with the advancement of bio medicine. However, one of the most important trends in medicine in recent years has been the responsibility people are taking back for their own health. Healing is about the re-integration of Body, Mind, and Soul. When these three elements are out of balance the experience is that of illness or disease. One of the causes of stress in the body is cellular memory.

Many issues have their source in cellular memories and are below the level of our conscious awareness. Contrary to conventional beliefs, recent research has demonstrated that our body cells are controlled by the conditions of the environment. The cells respond to information derived from our thoughts, our mindset and our behaviours and consequently influence our health in a positive or negative way. The HiddenMind programme involves Bio-energy therapy, accessing the subconscious mind to determine the hidden energetic causes of diseases and correcting the energetic system using special sound frequencies. It is also a valuable treatment in the special needs area, such, Dyslexia, ADHD, ADD and Autistic Spectrum Disorder. The HiddenMind programme is also very beneficial in the treatment of depression.

This fantastic book is now available to purchase – please contact Nuala directly on nuala.bent@btinternet.com

Phone from within UK: 07711 39 14 88

or from Ireland ( +353) 87 6891078   /  0044 7711 3914 88



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